Sunday, 7 March 2010

Hi everyone :)

I've been out of the picture for a very long time, (no kidding I hear you say )

I'm sorry some things ground to a halt, I hadn't realised things were not getting done.

I'm sure you were all despairing of the blog but I will try to give it CPR and make it live again :)

A lot of new members have been added to the members list.

Fell free to contact me with thoughts, gripes, complaints, ideas, jokes and or money :) (J/K)

hugs to you all


Jo Campbell said...

Hi Michele, can you add my blog to the members blogs list? It's

McEtsy said...

No Problem :) added !

Bluebell Design said...

Hi Michele

Can you add my blog too please?

littlebird said...

am keen to help team Mcetsy back on it's blog feet again, can i do anything to help?

thedoghouse said...

Hi Michele,

Nice to see the blog up & running again!

If you get a chance could you please add my blog to the list too:

Also happy to help with the resurrection process if there's anything I can do...


Cat said...

Hiya, just noticed we're not listed on the etsy teams list any more :(

McEtsy said...

Bluebell and Doghouse, blogs added :)