Thursday, 13 December 2012

Paper Snowflakes with Porcini and Button

Today we are joined by Porcini who is sharing with us another Christmas Decoration Tutorial

All you need to start with is scissors, 6 squares of equal sized paper, glue and a stapler.

You can find the full tutorial on the Porcini and Button Blog: Here

* * *

I know you'll agree with me that these snowflakes are gorgeous and I'd like to thank Porcini for sharing them with us today

Porcini is based in Edinburgh and runs Porcini and Button along with her little sister

You can keep up to date with all the Porcini and Button happenings here:

* * *

Now I'm off to find some paper and scissors.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Origami for Christmas

Today we are featuring Etsy seller Ann McG of Snowdrops and Daisies, she is here to show us how to make these cute little decorations for Christmas.

* * *

This is a traditional origami design: create lots and string them together or hang them like baubles from your tree.

All you need to start is a square of colourful paper.

You can follow the instructions on Ann's blog:

* * * 

Ann is a busy girl, with 2 online shops and a vibrant blog documenting her home renovation.
you can find her at:

The Tea Cosy Shop - Etsy Store
Snowdrops and Daisies - Etsy Store
@_snowdrops_ - Twitter

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