Sunday, 16 November 2008

Getting to know each other.

I would like to pick up the tempo a little now that our team is growing even more, it may be slow but we are getting new members weekly if not daily at times :) I don't suppose we shall ever be a HUGE team, after all Scotland isn't the largest area on the map ! However, I believe that Scotland is a rich and fertile resource for 'craftiness' :) Look how much talent there is here already ! and we have only just begun really !

So, I would like to try to establish a regular weekly chatroom where we can all meet up to chew the fat, exchange ideas, seek and give help and advice, tell jokes, pat each other on the back, laugh together, cry together, support each other and anything else that comes up.

Previous polls seemed to point at Mondays being a good day for this but the trial nights did not prove very successful so I will try again now that our numbers have swelled even more :)

There will be 2 polls ... please take part !

feel free to contact me if you have any other ideas or suggestions



emma said...

Much as I think the chat night is a great idea - can we also encourage everyone to participate in a monthly forum thread too? That way, when we are busy or we (I) forget about the chat, we can still keep in touch.
I don't mind starting a monthly thread for us.
Emma x

Kirstie said...

Maybe I'm not the only one but I find ETSY a little bit complicated. I kind of find it hard to keep up? I use MSN to chat, so if anyone would like to swap email addys mine is

Hope I'm not stepping out of line but feel free to remove the addy if I have :O)

cutcopycreate said...

A treasury from me featuring members,

hope this helps pick things up a little over on etsy ;)