Thursday, 16 October 2008

fionamacneil's Catwalk Creative Fashion Blog Interview

Got a mail from our member - fionamacneil, I thought it was very interesting and wanted to share it with you all.

Here is what fiona says ....

"Hi...........Just thought I'd share the link below with ~McEtsy~ as I was interviewed by Louise who owns ~Catwalk Creative Fashion Blog~. Louise is from Manchester and I met her on Indiepublic. She gave me the chance to answer some fun questions about myself and some questions on my glass jewellery to help me promote my Etsy shop. The reason I am writing actually is to tell you that I promoted Scottish Crafts big time and directed readers of the interview to use the tag (McEtsy) when searching on Etsy. I typed in the tag myself and saw other McEtsiers shops come up but wasn't sure whether everyone in the group was using their tagline to their advantage. It was fun doing the interview and I think Louise would be up for interviewing any McEtsiers who make work relating to fashion. Anyway, please have a read of the interview, especially my promotion of ~HANDMADE IN SCOTLAND~. I also put 'supporter of HANDMADE IN SCOTLAND 'at the end of each Etsy description for my items. Hope this has good outcomes for the group.........fiona :)"

Thanks fiona :)

p.s. if the above link doesnt work for you (it didn't for me ) try this one


And don't forget your team tag guys !! McEtsy Team

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LornaSmithStudio said...

I just added McEtsy as a tag to half of my stock!
Cheers for the big up for Scottish sellers.
Lorna X