Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Chat Room Polls

So far it seems that most of us voted for a weekday chatroom. That doesnt mean there wont be any activity on a weekend from time to time :)
The next part of the poll is day of the week and time, you have multiple votes in the polls so you can choose more than one option.

Another thing which has emerged from the poll so far is that quite a few members voted for the cake option too :) There WILL be cake ! :)

Feel free to convo me or mail us at if you have anything you want to discuss.



Covetables said...

Just wanted to say that my offline business is baking. So I am sure I could rustle up some virtual cupcakes for a chat. Particular flavour anyone is after?

Ben Mcfuzzylugs said...

:oD chocky and rasberry would be good :oD

Thankyou littleshop for putting jack up for me
I am trying not to get excited with the challenge but he is doing well - the panda is getting beaten by a (cute) sofa!!

Anonymous said...

look forward to getting to know my fellow McEtsiers :)

Laura B said...

me too, getting excited about our first team chats, and if there will be cake, then all be there with bells on!