Tuesday, 9 September 2008


I'd like to apologise for an apparent lack of action here on the McEtsy blog for the past couple of weeks. Some of you may already know that our Mochadesigns is preparing to start at University shortly and in consequence she got a lot more busy than she had expected :)

Some of our new members have been waiting a bit longer than hoped to be accepted but I'm getting this all back on track now. You should all be notifed sometime today ! And thankyou for your patience :)

I'd like to ask you all to participate in a couple of polls I am going to run about a chatroom at etsy. I think it would be nice for us all to meet at least once and say hi to each other. I had forseen this chatroom meeting as an opportunity for us to offer ideas and thoughts as well, not just as a social gathering. I realise that we cant all make the same times and days so thats what the polls will address :)


Lets go McEtsying !!!


Laura B said...

Good luck at uni Mochadesigns, hope you are partaking in lots of freshery things!
I am looking forward to meeting the team and with notice will try and get to meetings :)

Jade said...

ah uni can zap ones creativity quite a bit, I'm glad its finished as I know have more time to be creative for myself.

I wish you luck in your uni adventures and I hope it all goes swimmingly, Mochadesigns.