Monday, 15 September 2008

Poll Results

As you can probably see, the poll on Chatroom days of the week seems fairly close, Mondays are slightly ahead but its only a few votes between the days. So for one week only - 15th to 19th September I will open a chatroom each weekday night at 8pm UK time. Hopefully this will enable all of us to attend at least one chatroom and get to meet each other to a greater or lesser degree :) It may then become clearer which day of the week works best for the majority of us.

The chatroom will be titled McEtsy Team and the password will be cake, ( covetables, please make sure you bring plenty supplies! )

Please let everyone else you know in McEtsy that the chats will be open during this time, as not everyone will have read the blog :)

See you there !


1 comment:

beaulyben said...

it was nice chatting on thursday night made a change to talk to someone closer to home