Monday, 14 July 2008

Starting Up

Tonight Littleshopofdelights & myself (mochadesigns) have been discussing our Scottish McEtsy team application we now have 13 members including ourselves so we'd like to say thank you to all those wonderful people who are helping make this happen. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you all we are open to ideas for this 'clan' such as different activities we can take part in as a group etc.

I will keep this short and end off here, happy McEtsying.

Love mochadesigns X



Well done for getting this going!! :0)

littlebird said...

here to a great beginning : )

wottssup said...

WHOA! It's here! great! congrats ! on a job well done :}

Fairyrade x.

Laura B said...

Hi, I just found you through little bird's blog and was wondering if I could join your team? I am scottish born and bread and making for etsy from my wee house in Paisley.