Saturday, 14 August 2010

Brighten Up Your Day

As it's been rather grey of late, I thought it might be time to introduce a little bit of alternative sunshine for those who miss the real thing. First is something to brighten up yourself - you just couldn't feel gloomy wearing this.

Chunky Wool Felt Necklace in Orange and Brown by red2white (

Then a touch of colour for your home or office.

Highland Cow Cushion by emilymoir (

And last, but never least, some zing for your favourite walking buddy.

Jumping sighthound screenprinted dog bandana by thedoghouse (

And don't forget there's only one week left to get your entries in for the Blog Button Challenge!


Jane said...

What lovely bright oranges - That necklace is gorgeous & the cushion just fab! Thanks including one of my doggy bandannas too ;-)

ScottishPrincess said...

Love the necklace. That one certanly won't have any scratchy bits.