Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Team Captain Interview - Part One

As we have new joint Captains for our team it seems like a fine idea to get to know them better. The following interview is with Jay from RedRoadDesign.

Since this is McEtsy, we'll start with what you love most about Scotland?

I love the variety there is in this country - it may be small be you can do so many things. I love that the nights are long in summer which I didn't realise did not happen in places like Australia where it gets dark quite quickly. It's a small country but I like that too although it can be a bit of a pain when it can get a bit too parochial. The seasons colours are wonderful and we have amazing scenery.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from everywhere really. I love taking photographs and travelling - these inspire me. Talking with other creatives, pressing my nose up against a beautifully arranged shop whether it's a deli or a chic boutique. Lovely books and magazines too and visiting art galleries.

What prompted you to open your Etsy shop?

I wanted to get creative again as I'd been struggling to get started so the shop was a challenge and a way to build my confidence again. I tended to use my ideas creatively through my art and design students so was pretty worn out (creatively) by the weekend. I first started using Etsy to buy things - I had a zine project for my students so I would be them here as examples for them.

Which piece in your Etsy shop do you think is most representative of your work or yourself, and why?

I think it's a mixed media piece called 'moon : 3' as it's taken me in a different direction and is much more intuitive than I used to work.

What new skill would be top of your "to learn" list?

Computer software like Illustrator and more of Photoshop - I'm enjoying these just now although they can drive me round the bend too as I'm still learning. And how to improve my blog and produce a web site for myself! Bit of a control freak! LOL

And, finally, what is your favourite crafty tip?

When you paste artwork on to a piece of card, make sure you allow a bit of a border, always paste it first and then trim both the artwork and the card together - much better finish!

Thanks to Jay for taking the time to answer all of my questions.


LifeCovers said...

Thanks Jay, it's good getting to know you a little better.

red road design said...

Thanks so much!! It seems strange seeing it typed up on screen! Many thanks Jay