Friday, 3 September 2010

It's Time to Vote

Yes, we have our entries in for the blog button competition and it's time for you to choose which one you prefer. They are shown in the order that they were received and I haven't revealed who entered each design. Entries are shown as received and will be sized to fit as required.

Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3

You have 2 weeks to get your vote in. After voting has closed I will announce the winner and also let you know who our fab contributors are.


Jane said...

How do we vote,Jo? Do we just leave a comment? Jx

Jane said...

Doh! I just noticed the tool in the sidebar when I came back today ;-)Jx

Jo Campbell said...

Sorry, Jane, I had forgotten to check for comments. I should have said at the beginning that you vote using the poll at the top left of the page - hopefully this hasn't caused too much confusion.