Monday, 12 July 2010

Umbrellas Away

Keeping to our seaside theme, today we're on the lookout for shelter from those pesky showers we seem to have an abundance of in Scotland.

First up we have something that not only keeps your beach necessities from getting wet but shows you what to look for if you need to shelter yourself.

Waterproof beach bag featuring beach huts by LifeCovers (

And here is another helpful hint of what to seek when you realise you've forgotten to pack a brolly in your beach bag.

Beach Huts Hand pulled Linocut by Little bird designs (

Finally, for the upmarket beach goer who just isn't satisfied with a simple hut or for those finding themselves on a somewhat less than sandy coast in Scotland.

Neist Point - 9x6 Fine Art Print by Billy Currie (

Next week I think we might move on to a summer theme as suggested by Amy. After all, the beach is there whenever we feel like coming back.


Jane said...

3 beautiful picks! The beach is definitely one of my favourite places to be ;-)

LifeCovers said...

What a lovely summer we're having - can't wait to see what you pick next.