Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Lets Start with a Green Theme

I'm going to attempt a regular themed selection of McEtsy members work here on the blog. For lack of any more inspiring ideas at present, and because it's what I can see when I look out the window, I decided to start with a green (as in the colour) theme.

Gorgeous Spearmint Green Skinny Lambswool Scarf by WildCat Designs (

Wire Wrapped Berry Cluster Pendant by O V Gillies Designs (

Spring is Coming by StarryBlueSky (

The selections will be made using Etsy search and if you have any great ideas for themes please comment below.


LifeCovers said...

Great start Jo - how about a seaside theme since we're having a great summer.

Bluebell Design said...

These are absolutely gorgeous!